Franciscan East Asia
S. Korean Province of​
Holy Korean Martyrs
 9 Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, SEOUL 04518 SOUTH KOREA
OFM presence in Korea began on Sep 14, 1937, with coming of Br. Deguire and Br. Bellerose, missionaries from Canada. Then the first friary in Korea was established in Daejeon City on Dec 15, 1938. But OFM presence in Korea was broken due to the 2nd World War and the Korean War in 1940~1950s. But Canadian brothers came again and rebuilt the friary with early Korean brothers and overcame the difficult period of Korean history. In that time missionaries from Italy came into Korea and started their ministries in Jinju City and the southern part of Korea.  

On Jul 5, 1957, the 1st friary in Daejeon was officially approved as "Our Lady of Angels Friary" and a leprosarium, called "Sacred Heart House" opened, which is one of the most meaningful events in the history of the Korea Province.
In 1964, missionaries from Cantabria Province of Spain started coming into Korea and in 1965, missionaries from Mexico also came to Korea and started ministries.
On Sep 9 1965, St. Francis Friary which is now the provincial house was built in Jeongdong, Seoul. And On Oct 4, 1969, OFM KOREA was approved as the Blessed Korean Martyrs Vice-Province and Br. Apollinaris Van Leeuwen was appointed by the Minister General as the 1st Vice-Provincial on Feb 14 1970.
On Jul 30 1971, formation community which had belonged to the Provincial House moved into "Our Lady of Peace Friary", a house built in Seongbukdong and consecrated in 1971.
Since that time, OFM Korea continually grew up and finally got approved as the Holy Korean Martyrs Province on Dec 10 1987.
"Downsizing of Fraternities such as a community for the urban poor"
Continuous attention to mission for the northern part of China and a response to the overseas requests for mission
    Myeonghwan Carolo Ho
    Minister Provincial
    Sangho Seraphim Lee
    Vicar Provincial
    Kiyoung Andrew Cho, OFM
    Chansun Leonard Kim, OFM
    Hohyung John Lee, OFM
    Byongryol Felix Choi, OFM